Coping with aggressive behaviour

Does a candidate or an employee have the resilience required to cope with verbal abuse or physical violence? LTP TestNed helps you with staff selection, staff development and staff reviews.

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Coping with aggressive behaviour

Unfortunately, aggressive behaviour and violence are on the increase in more and more professional groups. Examples include increasingly violent behaviour towards first responders, undesirable behaviour in relation to health professionals or verbal abuse and physical violence targeting teachers.

The impact of these incidents is considerable, both at the time of the incident itself and in the longer term. It is one of the factors that cause high absenteeism and high staff turnover.

What can you do as an employer?

As an employer, you can take action to help in a number of areas. Make sure that there is sufficient professional attention for employees who have had to cope with aggressive behaviour. Also make sure that employees have the resilience required to cope effectively with verbal abuse and physical violence (both now and in the long term).

LTP TestNed can map this for your organisation via a compact online assessment. In relation to selection or development of one or several persons, or a team or a department, or even via a staff review of the entire organisation.

The De-escalation Scan reports allowed us to reliably identify outstanding people, who subsequently received the offer of a permanent position. The reports also revealed that some people were struggling with issues. Based on this information, we asked the company doctor to set up a preventive care programme. This was an unexpected bonus, but still very valuable.”

Jack van Eerden

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Talent Scan: Coping with aggressive behaviour

Unfortunately, more and more professional groups are confronted by aggressive behaviour and violence during the performance of their duties. There are differences in the way in which individual employees cope with aggressive behaviour and violence. The Talent Scan is an online selection assessment that maps these differences.

Development programme: Dealing with Aggression

Specifically designed for teams that interact closely with customers, clients, travellers, patients, guests, or visitors in a public setting. Unfortunately, these employees regularly experience conflict, threats, aggression, and violence.

Assessment that focuses on ‘Coping with aggressive behaviour’

An assessment that focuses on ‘coping with aggressive behaviour’ provides information about somebody’s aptitude and skills in this context. Good, competent employees are capable of preventing escalation and sustainably deployable.