We predict job success in relation to safety-critical positions

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Information about aptitude and behaviour

People differ from each other in how they handle safety. Particularly under stressful conditions. Do your people have the right capabilities, personal characteristics and motives for working safely, and do they want to work safely? LTP TestNed provides information about people’s aptitude and behaviour. You can use that knowledge to create a safer working environment.

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Vacature assessmentpsycholoog voor assessments en keuringen LTP TestNed

How useful is an Assessment?

  • The probability of unreported incidents reduces by a factor of 2
  • The probability of avoidable accidents occurring reduces by a factor of 3
  • The probability of a mismatch between the person and the position reduces by a factor of 3
  • The probability of absenteeism due to wounds/ injuries reduces by a factor of 20

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LTP TestNed is the market leader in psychological tests and assessments for safety-critical positions.

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