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An assessment gives you insight into your qualities, potential and your ability to change. It contributes to a responsible decision about your appointment and/or your further development or career opportunities.

Assessment Centre

There is an Assessment Centre available on location at LTP, which includes online tests and questionnaires, combined with a practical simulation (role play) or business game and an interview with a psychologist, for example.

Online assessment

An online assessment consists of one or more tests and questionnaires and can be taken at home or in a quiet place at work. It can also be supplemented with a game.


On the LTP Training site, you will find an explanation of the different tests and questionnaires, including examples, exercises with explanations and common mistakes. You can also take time-limit tests .
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What does a safety test at LTP TestNed look like?

What does a safety test at LTP TestNed look like? An impression.

What to do in case of a complaint?

It is possible that you may not be completely satisfied with the course of events during your assessment or with the report. If this is the case, we will be happy to resolve the issue with you quickly and efficiently!
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