Safety at work

The human element is the decisive factor when it comes to safety at work. Is the person capable of working safely? Does the person want to work safely? And will that person carry on working safely (even under stressful conditions)? LTP TestNed helps you with individual (online) safety assessments at the intake stage and with staff development.

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Working safely

Strengthening the safety culture is a priority for many organisations. They also want to increase staff employability in the long term. The human element is the decisive factor here.

People differ in terms of how they interpret safety.

For example, how they cope with a sudden increase in workload (high stress) or how they handle change. People also differ in terms of their capabilities and skills.

An (online) safety assessment provides the information you need

Does the person have the desired qualities and skills? From a safety perspective, what are that person’s strengths and what are the developmental opportunities, areas of concern and risks associated with that person?

“The training course for qualifying as a Registered Pilot is organised by the Pilotage Service itself. It is in our interest to ensure that candidates who enrol for the training course also complete it. We want to know more about them as a person! We can bring their geographical knowledge and knowledge of the regulations to the required standard through teaching. More importantly, candidates must be able to manoeuvre a ship skilfully, assess people accurately, hold up well under stress and communicate effectively. And they must be able to multitask without making mistakes, even when under pressure. These qualities are assessed in a situational judgement test. We have seen people whom we felt to have high potential run into problems when they were forced to multitask. A safety assessment is a good, extra filter that helps us select the best candidates for the training course.”

Dennis de Boer - Coördinator Opleidingen en Trainingen

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Safety certification tests

More and more companies test people who (are going to) work in a safety-critical position. A safety certificate is even required by law for some positions. We are authorized to perform safety certification tests.

Safety Factor

An online assessment that identifies personal characteristics such as the ability to process information and manage stress, willingness to take risk and quality focus. Characteristics that are indispensable for employees in safety-critical positions. What are a person’s qualities and characteristics that require attention in the context of working safely?

Safety Assessment

It is very important to have competent and skilled employees in safety-critical positions. A safety assessment accurately predicts the likelihood of safety-conscious behaviour in practice.

Talent Scan: Safety at Work

This online selection assessment provides information about a person’s personal profile and mental capabilities, and reveals how somebody reacts to a sudden increase in workload and changes. What capabilities and skills does a person have when it comes to working safely?