Safety Factor

Many organisations assign a high priority to safety. The Safety Factor is an online assessment that specifically focuses on personal characteristics in relation to working safely. The most important conclusion: is there a risk in terms of safety at work?

The Safety Factor report raises employees’ safety awareness and can be used as input for selection or development decisions.

The candidate receives an email inviting him/her to complete the Safety Factor assessment. It takes about 35 minutes to complete this compact online assessment. It consists of a test (information processing: attention and concentration), a personality questionnaire and a work style questionnaire.

What does the Safety Factor assessment achieve?
A report is generated immediately following completion of the online assessment. This report can be downloaded immediately and is sent to the client following approval. A report is also available for the candidate (contains specific development recommendations) and for the recruiter/interviewer (contains interview questions).

Sections in the report:

  • Conclusion: there are risks/are no risks relating to safety (low risk, moderate risk, high risk)
  • Results of the test and questionnaires: information processing, stress management, conscientiousness, independence, risk appetite, quality focus and decisiveness
  • Qualities and areas that require attention in the context of safety at work
  • Annex: development recommendations or interview questions
What is it?

An online assessment that focuses on safety-critical positions (selection and development).
What are the deliverables?

Information about possible risks when selecting somebody for a safety-critical position. This can be used as input for selection decisions and development.
What does it involve?

  • A test: information processing
  • Two questionnaires: personality and work styles
  • A serious game or situational judgement test
  • Optional: follow-up by telephone

The online assessment can be completed at home or at work (in a quiet environment).

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