Safety Leadership

Managers play a crucial role in strengthening safety culture. Information about team dynamics helps in this respect.

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Safety Leadership

Organisations devote a great deal of time and energy to safety at work. Most managers and supervisors state that they want to do everything possible to ensure that their people work in a safe environment. In many cases, there is already a strong focus on managing risks through control mechanisms such as procedures and guidelines. Even so, incidents still occur.

Research shows that the human factor plays an increasingly important role in reducing the number of incidents. After all, people have different views on what is or is not safe behaviour.

Safety Leadership starts with clear information about the personal behaviour, motivation and drivers of both managers and supervisors and the employees in their team or department. This is essential to setting up an effective improvement programme to raise safety awareness.

“As a manager, you play an important role in establishing and maintaining a good safety culture. LTP TestNed can help you achieve this. Obviously in consultation with the safety experts within your organisation. They often focus on the procedures and guidelines for ensuring safety at work; we focus on the human factor. Both at an individual level and within the broader context of the team and organisation.”

Marius de Bruin - LTP TestNed

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